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This voltrx protein shaker works best and is the easiest to clean

by GuoxinWei on June 14, 2021

  I have tried many Shaker Bottles, the best is the easiest to clean (easier than plastic grate). Please note that it takes a little force to completely close the lid-it closes in a 1/2 way and it looks like it is closed, but if it is shaken in this state, it will cause bad luck. It will make a loud "pop" sound when it is completely closed, which is safe, but I still recommend holding down the bottle electric when it is actually shaking.

  I have used this electric shaker product to exercise for many years. The first bottle was lost (the typical black cap is transparent), and I immediately bought a new protein shaker. I am very happy that I got this color because the protein bottle shaker is unique. I insist on its durability, because my first one used me for many years, if I didn’t lose it, I would last longer. If I need another bottle, I will buy another bottle.