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This Voltrx shake bottle mixer is very suitable for my powder/water mixture before work

by GuoxinWei on May 05, 2021

  I have always wanted an electric shaker bottle with a stirring ball to ensure that all the powder in the protein shaker is mixed into the water. I have seen metal before, but there is no plastic stirring ball. I don't know what advantages metal has over plastic, but the stirring ball can play a role. I have used it more than 10 times and the stirring ball helps to ensure that all the powder is mixed into the water. I also like the bottom material, you can leave the powder there. I can separate the powder in that compartment until it needs to be mixed. I shook the protein shaker, but nothing leaked. Close the lid tightly to prevent leakage when shaking the protein shaker.

workout water bottle

  I prepared these for my husband. My husband really likes to drink protein drinks before and after exercise. They are medium in size and will not leak water, making them perfect for your use. I didn't know that there was no compartment at the bottom until I washed a compartment. This is a good feature, so he can mix drinks together and carry sports powder with him after exercise. I think there are few metal springs that stir the ball better than the metal springs I have seen in other cups. It is much easier to clean them, and in my opinion they are healthier. It's great to have a couple of drinks with you. You can have a sports partner.