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Very suitable for my VOLTRX protein bottle!

by GuoxinWei on July 02, 2021

  I saw this project is one of the best projects for mixing protein powder. I found it very real! After shaking my MP fighting protein powder with cold milk, its consistency is like mixed or pre-packaged electric shakers. Although the lid requires a little work, it is easy to clean. I did not miss it, but even if it is in the "lock" position, you must be careful because it is an electric shaker bottle that can be opened. All in all, it's easy to buy!

  I accidentally broke the lid of my existing electric shaker bottle, so I replaced it with these two because the price is good. I saved one for myself and one for my friends. They have no problems at all. I like the new rubber caps because they stick to them more easily and feel better than the previous ones.

  The cleanliness/odor of the electric paint shaker after use will be the only problem I have encountered. If you use plastic containers, you can retain some of the smell, especially if you always use them for the same thing. Bottles seem to like to keep the smell better than I do, so I only use them to make an electric shaker cup instead of mixing other drinks in it.