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VOLTRX blender bottle's super cost-effective price makes me buy blender bottle again

by GuoxinWei on April 30, 2021

  I really like these protein shakers. Excellent value for money. The compartments for storing vitamins are very beautiful. I like a place to store protein. This is definitely a good deal. The protein shaker works very well. I'm skeptical of the plastic ball, but it mixes everything together as it should be. Before shaking, be sure to hear the sound of the nozzle cover breaking!

shaker bottle 24 oz

  I am glad to find these at this price. I plan to buy a similar brand. Its quality is not the same, but it is very close to it. Tops are not as safe as famous brands, nor are they popular. It's great to store the pill organizer and milkshake at the bottom! I put them on the top of the dishwasher, no problem.