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VOLTRX blender cups are very durable and highly recommended

by GuoxinWei on July 04, 2021

  This is your expectation of trembling. The price of the electric shaker bottle is good, you can take two, it is leak-proof. I like the extra compartment. Vibrating screens are very good at eliminating lumps, but I hope the sieves are smaller, because sometimes the lumps may escape due to incorrect vibration. If the sieve is smaller, these will get stuck. In general, the electric protein shaker bottle, it can complete the work on schedule. I have some opinions on the simplicity of the cleaning part. The body is easy to clean, but the design of the lid is strange, which sometimes makes it difficult for the dishwasher to clean.


  Unbeatable shaker bottle price

  filter is a good supplement, no more protein fragments

  The bottom container feels great

  The lid of the electric shaker bottle is tightly closed, and there is no more liquid leakage in my bag


  Plastic balls, not always as good as mixing metal (I replaced it with metal myself)

  After washing twice, the font is erased (I mean it’s okay, but if there is)

  Sometimes the rubber handle on the lid of the protein shaker bottle is slightly looser. Simple repair.