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Voltrx electric blender bottle is durable. What you need to do to make electric shakers. There is no overflow. It might be easier to clean the lid

by GuoxinWei on June 16, 2021

  I have used protein shaker electric for about two months, and the effect is very good. Work as expected and always integrate well. The only thing I know is that this child’s part is really difficult to clean unless you have something like protein shaker bottle cleaner, because the child has some small corners and cracks, you can’t get too much, I started to notice some remnants The vibration is formed, it may be formed. So remember this. But other than that, I definitely recommend it to be great.

  These prices are very good, and the colors are also very good. I like this version of bottle electric. The mix is ​​great. If you have a good egg white blend, you don't even need a blend ball.

  To be honest, you need an electric shaker to be perfect. The buckle on the lid makes it completely leak-proof. The electric paint can shaker is made of thick and durable plastic, and the shaker bottle is very easy to clean. Rinse off after each shaking. I use protein bottle shaker every day for about a month, and there is still no unpleasant smell of protein. Once you use it as a protein powder, you never go back to stir it. Gives you a very smooth texture and will not clump when shaken. magical!