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Voltrx electric blender bottle,The best choice for fitness enthusiasts

by GuoxinWei on May 07, 2021

  Voltrx plastic shaker bottle, it is definitely an indispensable artifact for fitness. A protein powder that can be used to replenish protein during fitness.

  The material of the protein bottle has undergone strict quality inspection and is a guarantee material certified by an authoritative organization. It does not contain harmful substances such as bisphenol A. It is easy to achieve healthy drinking and easier to clean.

  Lightweight and portable, carry it with you. Whether it is work, travel, sports or fitness, you can meet your drinking water needs at any time. Without precipitation, fully shake protein powder, enzymes, meal replacement milkshakes and other nutrients to ensure that they do not clump, hang on the wall, and will not precipitate, so that the nutrients are fully absorbed and can effectively activate the protein activity. Accelerate weight loss more effectively.

  Super tightness, anti-leakage and anti-overflow, super anti-foaming performance, no matter how the blender cups are inverted, it can prevent water from overflowing and double leakage protection. Loosen the lock to drink, and then close the lock to avoid water leakage.