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VOLTRX electric shaker bottle is a great product and value  

by GuoxinWei on June 07, 2021

  VOLTRX electric protein shaker bottle is a great product. When my girlfriend started this weight loss plan, I bought it for her and she loved it! She made a protein shake in the morning, and then took it to work or something else. There is never overflow.

  electric shaker bottle plastic is hard and durable, but the center is slender, it is difficult to reach the bottom when cleaning. But to be honest, this is an excellent value-for-money product, I will definitely make it again!

  The electric protein shaker is very strong, and it bounces really well in it! For six months, I made protein shakes every day and tried to stir it myself. I can't believe it makes my life so easy. I'm actually afraid that I will mix protein shakes during protein shakes, so I don't want to buy ordinary electric protein blender bottles to make milk shakes. When I first used it, I couldn't believe that the mixing ball inside was so easy to use. I am very happy to get it, and hope to get it sooner.