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VOLTRX electric shaker bottle meets various needs

by GuoxinWei on July 01, 2021

  The original electric shaker cup Classic bottle launched in 2004 completely changed the category of hand blenders. Now, there are many styles, colors and sizes to choose from, and the mixed bottle shaker can match every movement and mood. Multi-packing of mixed bottles and shaker bottles is a simple and economical way to store and prepare everything.

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  Portable blender bottle is an efficient and economical solution, suitable for households and users who often use shaker cups. Multiple bottles allow different sizes of drinks, different styles and performance preferences, and time to spin on the bowl rack. Many mixed bottle customers even match their bottles with the clothes of the day.

  One of the world's best-selling electric blender bottles

  electronic blender bottle is one of the best-selling shakers in the world. Blender The combination of steel ball blender, StayOpen flap, leak-proof cover and BPA-free material creates a perfect and extremely convenient bottle.

  smooth taste

  VoltrxBall wire mixer-can only be found in VoltrxBall brand shakers. It can penetrate even the thickest ingredients and make delicious and smooth drinks every time. The mixer ball whisk is made of 316 surgical grade stainless steel and will never rust, crack or peel.

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  The innovative leak-proof cover of each electric protein mixer has been carefully designed, so you have no worries. Just flip the lid down until it makes a unique click, then shake or hide the bottle to make sure it closes firmly.