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VOLTRX electric shaker bottle works well and is easy to clean

by GuoxinWei on July 02, 2021

  The powder is perfectly mixed without lumps, just rinse it off-even if you are shaking with something nasty and sticky, there are no hard-to-reach areas. I shake everything, then pour it into the protein electric, and immediately rinse the shaker. These allow me to make a chocolate protein milkshake in the early morning, which can quickly kill sweets without the noise and confusion of the electric shaker. I never thought that a stainless steel steel wire ball could make such a big difference, but it is true. These are also big and spacious. I usually use about 10 ounces. Milk with protein powder, green powder, cocoa powder, and three ice cubes (not completely melted, but everything is cold), the container is almost full when shaken.

  Recently, I had to start drinking protein powder to help me gain weight. I bought these electric protein shaker bottles. They are very affordable and very good. The electric shaker cup is perfectly mixed with protein powder, although you should put the liquid first, then the powder to avoid clumping at the bottom. I forgot for the first time, that was the only time it was together.

  Wash it in an electric shaker bottle without water leakage. I am very happy about it because I have been spilling drinks. I will definitely buy these again and recommend them to anyone who needs to mix a powdered mixture.