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VOLTRX milk water bottle works very well and is amazing!

by GuoxinWei on July 06, 2021

  I have the best protein electric - I have all the famous brands, especially its main competitor - Blender Bottle. this advantage is for two reasons -- the shaker balls don't get clumped with powder and the dry storage chamber at the bottom for vitamins/supplements is very useful.

  The disadvantage of electric shaker bottles is that they are not super durable - but basically treat them as a normal rational person and you'll have no problem at all. Not to mention, electric blender bottle in terms of price - you really can't do anything wrong. Buy it and you'll be happy.

  I love these new electric shakers. i used to have a lot of them, but these are the shaker bottles you need. As a bodybuilder, I always take supplements during the day or while working out. The bottom compartment is perfect for my pre-workout or powder pump. Also great for taking vitamin supplements as needed. electric protein shaker is easy to clean and doesn't leak. I use it every day and highly recommend it!

  I really like my electric shaker. it's so convenient. I drink smoothies every morning. The other day I put some protein powder in the compartment for backup. electric shaker cup is easy to clean. This would be a great gift for those who like to drink smoothies and protein shakes before and after the gym. I 100% recommend this electric protein shaker bottle.