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VOLTRX plastic shaker bottle Great value; easy to clean

by GuoxinWei on July 06, 2021

  I like that the electric protein blender bottle has handles. When I carry multiple pink protein shakers, the lid does not open when I shake the bottle or tip it over. I have dropped the bottle many times. It seems very sturdy. The "Shaker" insert makes it easy to mix protein shakes and the "Filter" accessory allows me to add mixed veggies/fruit without juicing. This means that if I choose to eat the pulp, I can still get the nutrients from the whole fruit or veggies.

  The blender bottle replacement lid is very easy to clean - it's like an extra compartment at the bottom that can hold extra protein powder when you're training hard and working/traveling. It's been a year and they still look new. Suggestion: always add water first; then protein powder...before shaking or they don't mix well!

  Very large, learn. Better quality electric protein mixer, most of my previous purple shaker bottles and a fraction of the price. I recommend these to all my workout friends and running family. Will definitely be buying more vortex shaker bottles!" did I mention big!" . LOL!