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VOLTRX protein shaker bottle is very good and very convenient to use

by GuoxinWei on July 26, 2021

  For the past 4.5 years, we have used shaker bottle every day and many times a day. My daughter is tube fed, so we have to mix her formula in a shaker. We have favorites and least favorites. Let me tell you, this shaker is golden! I want to order more. It mixes well and there is no lumps or "settling" of powder at the bottom. Protein shaker bottles are easy to disassemble and clean! My daughter also chose what she wanted. She likes to help make recipes, so I am glad that she chose an interesting design instead of some ordinary Jane Shaker!

  I have double bags, and I have a photo of one of them. I use one for infant formula and the other for whatever I want to drink. I don't like protein drinks, but I like these electric cherry bottles anyway. They are exactly what I was looking for. I am very satisfied with these designs. They make my face smile every day

  it's a bargain. Such as black and pink. If the electric water bottle is washed before the inside of the drink dries, it is durable and easy to clean. There is a stick on the lid with a mixed part on it. The effect is very good! Use this electric spray bottle to make protein shakes.