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VOLTRX shake mixer bottle is ideal for transporting pre-workout and protein

by GuoxinWei on July 15, 2021

  This is an excellent electric shaker bottle product. I can put all the supplements in the container, which makes life so convenient. The bottle blends everything perfectly and there is no leakage. You don't really need to bend at the top, it's just very comfortable. Thanks to the electric protein shaker bottle, I can save 50 yuan a month for protein drinks, and I have discovered several other uses. highly recommended.

  The quality of the electric shaker bottle is already very good. This electric shaker makes it better because there are two storage containers at the bottom, where I can store protein before exercise and protein after exercise-perfect for use on the road!

  I like this voltrx electric protein shaker bottle. I work long shifts and need an easy way to bring protein and vegetable shakes. A big advantage is that the protein shaker bottle shaker has a small compartment for supplements/medicine. This shaker allows me to stop wasting my sealed bag and remember to take vitamins when shaking. I really like this vibrating screen system.