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Voltrx shake mixer bottle is the best shaker bottle I have ever used!

by GuoxinWei on June 28, 2021

  I love this electric shaker bottle ! Shaker balls are so annoying and I love that you don't need this cup! I have only used one protein powder but it works great! No clumping and easy to clean!

  Received a 100% brand new bottle! Again, this protein shake mixer works great to mix powders quickly and quickly! Plus, they have excellent and professional customer service! I really appreciate the great product and the genuine care for the customer. By the way, I love that logo sticker.

  Literally, it's the best electric shaker I've ever used. i have a lot of them. If you're tired of messing up your mixing bottle, there's nothing more you can ask for. You've found your replacement.

  I love everything about my helicopter! It fits in my cup holder so I don't have to deal with noisy rattles. electric shaker is very easy to clean and can mix anything. Very durable. I also love the look and feel of this protein shake mixer. Very stylish. Highly recommend this shaker and I'm sure I'll be buying more!