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voltrx Shaker Bottle is worth buying for every fitness enthusiast

by GuoxinWei on June 01, 2021

  I ordered this protein shaker electric, its color is pebble gray and classic version 1. All negative comments on the durability of these juice bottles are mainly for version 2, because the bottom is not strong and does not break easily. I can't give it enough pressure: get version 1. It is very strong, and if it falls accidentally, it has a greater chance of surviving. I bought the right blending bottle from Wal-Mart and used it almost every day before exercise. I want to have another protein shake without washing so many things, haha. I like this color scheme because you can see the drink through it and the side line, so you can pour the exact size! Before ordering this product from Voltrx electric shaker bottle website, I would be happy to check Amazon because the shipping cost is 4 dollars, not without time