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VOLTRX shaker bottles are very suitable for mixing protein powder!

by GuoxinWei on June 13, 2021

  protein shake bottles, what a great product! It is very suitable for mixing protein shake powder with milk, water and ice without lumps. The large opening is easy to clean and is completely closed to prevent shaking and movement. And the purple is too beautiful! I found that the shaker bottle pack is too small to be used as a water bottle in the gym (I exercise a lot and need more water), but it is very suitable for the breakfast milkshake I bought.

  This protein bottle really works. When I shook it with the protein powder inside, I did not leave any lumps. I know vanilla won't, so I did a real test with cookies and cream. (I only used the additional information of Six Star Professional Nutrition) and the small stirring ball actually made it blend together perfectly, without any big lumps. I actually think it's impossible, but it works, so it must be much better than the ordinary vibrator I used before. Although I do have a problem, it is the same as the old shake bottle I have used. I don’t know whether to tighten it, but every time I shake it, it may be too hard. Some overflow from the side, not much, just here and there. drop.