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Every fitness enthusiast should have a voltrx Shaker Bottle

by GuoxinWei on March 14, 2021

  The voltrx Shaker Bottle portable rechargeable mixer ensures fast, complete and consistent mixing of our delicious supplement powder every time.

  Powerful electric protein milk bottle-a high torque motor quickly mixes powdered beverages. Add water, supply BIPRI powder appropriately, press the power button on the BIPRI electric mixer, and wait for 30 seconds. It will mix all your powder shakes. Works well with BIPRI or any other powder supplements and protein. Don't run around!

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  USB rechargeable battery mixer. The vortex mixer/shaker bottle comes with a USB cable. A convenient removable storage compartment can be used for supplements.

  BPA-free-acrylic-free blender/shaker bottle-made of stainless steel and high-quality food. Designed to mix liquids and powders.

  Leak-proof rocker cup-single twist locking mechanism, sealed lid to prevent overflow during mixing. Its large capacity allows you to take your drink wherever you want to go when hiking, running, biking, driving or traveling.

  Self-cleaning electric protein mixer-just add some water and detergent, spin for a few seconds, rinse and do! The detachable base makes it easy to wash your hands.

  Note: Do not wet the base when cleaning. The BIPRI vortex blender bottle does not mix ice, fruit or solids.