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Weighted lunge what part of the exercise quadriceps is a

by GuoxinWei on June 21, 2021

  In the training movement, the weighted lunge is a very beneficial movement, of course, the weighted lunge is also very useful, but the weighted lunge has a lot of instructions, such as the main points of the movement, that the weighted lunge practice what, I believe there are still people who know. So, what part of the weighted lunge is practiced? Quadriceps is one. Here's a look at it!

  1. quadriceps

  The quadriceps is located on the front side of the thigh and consists of four heads, namely the rectus femoris, the middle femoris, the external femoris and the internal femoris, which is one of the largest and most powerful muscles in the body. In the practice of lunge, squatting action, can be very good to stimulate the quadriceps, regular practice can make it get a good exercise.

  2. biceps femoris

  Biceps femoris, located in the back of the thigh, crossed in the knee joint near the tendon group, is mainly responsible for controlling the knee bending and thigh extension action, and in the lunge exercise process, there are knee flexion action, squatting up will stimulate the biceps femoris, so as to get exercise.

  3. gluteus maximus

  In the lunge body downward pressure process, the hip muscles are also required to be in a tight state, participate in the lunge movement, especially the gluteus maximus, can be stimulated in the exercise process, play a good exercise effect.

  4. lumbar abdominal muscles

  Waist and abdominal muscles in the lunge process is also to play a coordinating role to help the body in the squat to maintain a smooth state, so the practice of lunge can also exercise to the waist and abdominal muscles.