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What are the advantages and disadvantages of VOLTRX electric protein shaker?

by GuoxinWei on January 20, 2022


On the way home from the gym, I bought this pink protein shaker for a non-clumping workout after consuming protein. No matter how many times I shake the glass with a steel wool ball, I still have lumps in my drink. The only thing I've noticed is that you have to make sure your drink isn't strong or unpalatable.

I started with pure protein. The best protein shaker seems to slow down when it's mixed with the recommended amount of water, as the drink thickens from the strength of the cup. I added a little water and it worked again. A chocolate mixing jar can mix some charm.

Advantages of Electric Protein Blender:

Cute, pink is a good color.

The best shake bottles are solid plastic. It feels very strong in the hand.

Shake the bottle with a large egg white.

Easy to open with one hand

This ring is easy to carry.

Disadvantages of portable electric shakers:

The recipe for the protein shake blender says you can use any liquid, but don't want to use sticky liquids. I usually use soy, cashew or banana almond milk for my protein powder, but it's too thick. I can swirl up to 10 oz, but once the powder is added it slows down. But once I added water to the mixture it worked even better. Too bad my protein powder is not digestible with water. Great, I don't have the lovely promisx electric mixer :( I'll go back to using my hand mixer.

UPDATE: I've started adding a green superfood powder to my routine and it works great. I like it because if I leave the protein shake mixer on electric for too long, the green powder tends to sink a lot. If I'm at home, it's easy to have the egg white shaker on top while drinking, so if a quick stir is needed, I can make it again.