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What are the benefits of endurance training How much do you know

by GuoxinWei on July 07, 2021

  For many bodybuilders, endurance is an important factor in the level of their training. The more endurance training is in place, then the rest of one's training results may be more obvious. Many fitness people will enhance endurance training when they encounter bottleneck knowledge, so do you know what the benefits of endurance training are?

  Endurance training can make your body more healthy than strength training. It reduces the risk of heart attacks, burns fat, strengthens the immune system, reduces weight, and also shapes the body. Next, your body will be able to adapt to the rising weight. Endurance training can improve the body's aerobic metabolic capacity, which is commonly known as to improve the body's ability to use oxygen. You can also exercise cardio, solid endurance training can make your cardio more powerful. Finally, because endurance training is very hard and tiring, it exercises the quality of one's will.

  Endurance refers to the body's ability to perform sustained muscle work for long periods of time, i.e. the ability to fight fatigue. Endurance consists of two aspects, namely muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. The improvement of endurance not only depends on the maturity of human development, but also related to the load requirements.

  Endurance training

  1, long-distance running: requirements for the 400-meter track, 15 laps each time for women, 20 laps each time for men, with an average speed of no less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds per lap

  2、Weighted cross-country: own backpack of not less than 30 kg (20 kg for women), walking on trails and ridges at an altitude of not less than 2000 meters, for a full day or two days, once a week or two weeks.

  3, if time and other conditions do not allow, can also be used instead of swimming, bicycle, etc. long-distance running, the amount of exercise equivalent.