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What are the benefits of long-term weight training

by GuoxinWei on June 07, 2021

  In the training process, we will use a variety of training methods. In training methods, there is a difference between weight-bearing training and bare-hand training. Of course, both weight-bearing and bare-handed training have good training effects, and these methods have many advantages. What are the benefits of long-term weight training?

  1. You can get rid of at least 40% fat

  If you think that doing aerobic exercise is the key to your weight loss, then I tell you that when you do weight training, you will unknowingly make your body fat lower and lower, and your body shape is getting worse. It looks good, and you will unknowingly have a charming curve and six-pack abs. It doesn't matter if you don't want six-pack abs, the vest line is always fine! Just doing aerobic exercise will not have the curve you want. After searching the Internet for those sexy shallow weights that have succeeded in losing weight, more than 75% of them have been weight-trained to exercise their muscles to achieve a perfect body shape.

  2. Your clothes can make you look better

  Most women between the ages of 30 and 50, even if they lose about five kilograms, are still not visible in appearance. It seems that the clothes have not changed much. But to be honest, those girls who silently yelled with dumbbells during weight training unknowingly made their clothes looser continuously, and they wanted smaller clothes. Although the number on the weight machine did not change, it was obvious. Let them tighten their purses, because they have to change into smaller size tights.

  3. You will burn more calories

  Facts have proved that the time for aerobic exercise to burn fat is limited, but if you do weight training, he can burn fat for up to 48 hours. The continuous effect increases your muscle mass and accelerates your fat metabolism. speed. Studies have pointed out that doing seven or eight weight training exercises burns 200 to 300 calories more fat than doing one hour of aerobic exercise.

  4. Your stress will be reduced

  Weight training will increase your endorphins. When you are training, the release of stress will become easier. Many people, including me, can temporarily put aside unpleasant things and focus on them. Do my training to keep my emotions under control and not get out of control.

  5. You will become happier

  The body gradually improves, and the pressure is released. You no longer worry about obesity, and no longer worry about work pressure. The endorphins after heavy training will also make you happy, and let you get rid of it. Maybe because of the current society. Symptoms of depression in the environment.

  6. You will have strong bones

  As you grow older, you will lose more and more calcium, and you will even need to supplement a lot of calcium nutrition holy products to take care of your bones, but weight training can protect your bones because you build muscles, and even more. Strengthen your bones.

  7. Your heart will be stronger and healthier

  University of Michigan research found that a person's average weight training two days a week can effectively enhance heart function, reduce the rate of mid-air blower and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  8. Make your work more efficient

  You will go to work because you have a good spirit, but also because you have a beautiful complexion and a flexible and athletic mind, which makes you perform better at work. Many practitioners in the high-tech industry in Sally said that after working out, it will make the mind at work the next day more efficient and make the mood more joyful.

  9. You will live longer

  American research report pointed out that the increase in muscle mass can improve the survival rate of individual cells in the body. Muscular people live longer and healthier than those who do not exercise.

  10. You will be smarter

  Your muscles will strengthen the activation of your brain cells, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, improve your concentration and memory, and improve your concentration. Your brain activity rate will increase, and you will become more clever.