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What are the benefits of practicing supine leg lifts

by GuoxinWei on June 04, 2021

  Supine leg lift is an effective action, and if a person practices the supine leg lift for a long time, it is helpful to one's body, and there are many benefits of supine leg lift, mainly to strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen and improve The stability of the body and so on. What are the benefits of practicing supine leg lifts? Let's understand and understand together.

  Lie on your back

  What are the benefits of lying on your back

  can strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen and help you improve the stability of your body. Thigh muscle training can enhance the stability of the knee joint, improve the ability to run and jump, and stand more stable.

  Can I lose my stomach by lying on my back?

  It is effective. Supine leg raising has a good effect on abdominal exercise. Training can help consume a lot of calories, stimulate the abdominal muscles to help tighten the abdomen, reduce fat externally, and internally tighten the abdomen, so it can reduce the belly Effectual.

  Lie on your back and raise your leg to exercise which muscles

  Supine leg raising is a multi-joint training, so the main exercise is to connect the muscles of the joints. In the flexion of the hip joint, the main exercises are the hip flexors and the iliopsoas muscles.

  Supine leg raise action essentials

  1. Lie on your back on a stool or the ground, put your hands under your hips for support, and straighten your feet forward. If you want to make it more difficult, you can lie down with your hips at one end of the stool, that is, your legs will be overhead.

  2. Always keep your legs straight, ascend as much as possible, and pause for a few seconds at the highest point (about 90 degrees between the body and the legs).

  3. Lower your legs under control, return to the starting position, and repeat.