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What are the best slimming exercises for boys

by GuoxinWei on July 06, 2021

  Both boys and girls are very concerned about their bodies, but today more and more people do not like to exercise, resulting in their growing fat. Among the slimming exercises, some are suitable for boys and some for girls, so choosing the right exercise is the key issue before doing it. So, what are the best slimming exercises for boys? Take a look.

  1. hip arch bridge

  Lie on the ground with your back on the ground, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, arms on both sides of the body, palms down. Torso force, slowly lift the hips off the ground until the body between the shoulders to the knees to form a straight line. Hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds, then slowly return to the ground. Repeat this action as often as possible. Note that the eyes should not look at the waist, the head should always be flat on the ground, eyes gaze at the ceiling.

  2. Balance ball push-ups

  Put both feet on the balance ball, arms shoulder-width apart, palms on the ground. When the upper limb strength is weak, try to keep the balance as long as possible first. When the strength is stronger, then do push-ups.

  3. Single-leg arm support

  Find a chair, hands on the edge of the chair, support the upper body weight, a leg bent, a leg forward flat. Use the strength of the arms and single-leg support, slowly descend the body until the upper arms parallel to the ground, and then slowly restore. 15 movements as a group, complete a set of leg change.

  4. weighted side planks

  Upright, feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hands each carrying a bucket of water (weight depends on individual circumstances). Elbows slightly bent, side planks position slowly lift the bucket to shoulder height, hold for a few seconds, and then slowly lower the arms. Note: the action and restore must be slow, otherwise the exercise effect can only be discounted. 15 movements for a group. 5.

  5. weighted lunge squat

  Find a box or a few boards together, one foot on it, the other foot a big step forward, hands in front of the chest to hold a heavy object (you can put half a dozen mineral water in your travel bag). Bend your legs at the same time, squat in a lunge, and then restore. 15 movements as a group, complete a group of exchange the position of the feet

  6. push-up leg lifts

  Prone position, but put the two small arms forward flat on the ground, lock the shoulder joints do not move, keep the spine straight. At the same time lift the left leg and right hand, straight lift off the ground, hold for about 3 seconds, and then restore. 20 movements as a group, complete a set of legs and arms for the other side.