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What is a fitness meal replacement and what to eat with a fitness supplement

by GuoxinWei on May 16, 2021


  For our fitness people, in the fitness of various nutrients is very important, reasonable and correct fitness meal to effectively supplement the body's required nutrients, we also know that most of the results of fitness depends on our diet, healthy diet can make our fitness effect more useful, today we will look at the correct fitness plus weigh meal.

  Fitness Meal Replacement Powder

  Meal replacements in the form of meal replacement powder, meal replacement bars, meal replacement shakes and meal replacement soup, etc., to provide the body with a large number of various nutrients, with high fiber, low calorie, easy satiety, etc., meal replacement products have many types, when used as a calorie control meal, all meal replacements have the same effect, meal replacement products have many types, when used as a calorie control meal, all meal replacements have the same effect, choose When choosing a meal replacement, choose the most suitable for your taste, read the label before consumption, in order to play the effect of meal replacement

  Why do you need to add meals to your workout?

  Whether it is for weight loss, muscle gain or health, half an hour before or half an hour after training, a smart intake of a nutritious meal, can make the effect of training to enhance several times, if there is no supplement before training, you may be very tired, training is not effective.

  Fitness meals affect physical strength

  If there is no supplement before training, you may be very tired, training less than the effect, if there is no supplement after training, the next day may be very tired, the spirit can not concentrate, muscle soreness is not easy to recover

  Fitness meal affects the spirit

  Many people worry about eating after training will become fat, in fact, it will not, there are studies show that the diet after exercise, not only will not affect weight loss, but will enhance your stamina, in the long run more help to lose weight.

  Recommend a few good pre-practice meals.

  Easy to digest fruit

  Whole wheat bread (whole wheat bread has a higher nutritional value than white bread, it is rich in crude fiber, vitamin E and minerals such as zinc and potassium.

  Protein (protein here does not mean big fish and meat, if you eat these will make the body not easy to digest. (For example, protein powder, milk and other quick proteins can also provide energy for the body, and it is not easy to produce hunger during exercise.

  (Oats (oats contain rich soluble dietary fiber that other grains do not have, this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and low calorie, and milk mix is a good choice.

  Eggs (eggs are definitely the best source of protein for gym-goers, and they contain almost all the essential nutrients, so they are called the "ideal nutrient bank" and are good to eat after working out.

  Recommend some good post-practice meals:.

  Protein powder (to promote muscle growth, improve immunity, repair cells and build tissue, etc.)

  Fitness meal recommended protein powder

  Milk (milk and protein powder is similar, not to buy protein powder of the bodybuilding friends milk is also a good choice)

  Fitness meal recommended milk

  Bananas (bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and pectin, etc. After exercise, eating bananas can promote the body's insulin secretion and promote muscle growth.

  Fitness meals with several considerations.

  1. should not eat immediately after exercise is not immediately eaten, generally speaking is to rest half an hour in eating is the best.

  2. food should be fine and soft easy to digest, fine and soft food is conducive to the body's rapid absorption, so that the body can quickly recover.

  3. should not eat too much, just after exercise, the surface of the body has stopped stimulating action, but the body's muscle tissue is still in the repair phase, the stomach can not return to the normal frequency of activity before exercise, eat more will only increase the burden on the stomach, resulting in indigestion and affect absorption.

  4. Reject gas-type drinks, you can choose sports drinks to replenish energy, relieve fatigue and enhance athletic ability.

  5. Avoid high-fat food, high-fat food is not easy to digest, the body will produce acidic metabolites when metabolizing high-fat food, increasing fatigue, spicy and irritating food should also be avoided.