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What is the main method of endurance training

by GuoxinWei on July 07, 2021

  We have some advance training before the official match so that we can better adapt ourselves to the match. Our training methods will be different for different elements. These methods are usually developed by professionals. Do you know what the main methods of endurance training are? Let's find out together!

  1, Aso 800 training method

  Aso 800 training method, is carried out in the venue in accordance with a certain pace of 800 meters interval running to carry out. For example, the marathon target score is 4 hours 30 minutes, then each group of 800 meters in accordance with the speed of 4 minutes 30 seconds to run, Yasso is a personal name, written in English as Yasso, is the founder of this method. All you need to do is to train once a week for the Yasso 800. Start by running 4-5 sets, and then increase one set per week until 10 sets.

  2、Long distance slow running (LSD)

  Keep most of the training time under the feeling of not too hard to do long distance running, also can prevent injury. All you need to do is to maintain most of the training at 80% of the race pace. For example, just use your own race pace, multiply it by 1.25 for conversion, and maintain LSD as your pace.

  3. Efficient training

  Train efficiently 3 times a week. Follow the alternating medium and high intensity training days and low intensity training days. Three times a week are a long distance run, a tempo run and a speed training. All you need to do is to do interval running on Tuesday, tempo running on Thursday and long distance running on Sunday. Plan your training according to your own 5K, 10K and marathon race pace. Run 12 sets of 400m or 6 sets of 800m at a slightly faster pace than the 5k race pace for intervals; run the tempo run at a pace 10-20 seconds slower than the 10k race pace; and run the long distance at a pace 30 seconds slower than the marathon race pace.