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What to eat for muscle soreness after fitness

by GuoxinWei on May 07, 2021

  After we exercise for a long time, the muscles will have obvious soreness, which is a normal phenomenon of our fitness. After muscle soreness, we can do some stretching exercises to relieve muscle soreness, or eat something to relieve it. So what do you think of muscle soreness after barbell exercise?

  Eat protein to relieve muscle soreness

  Ingest enough protein and carbohydrate mixture in time after lifting the barbell, which can significantly improve the micro-damage and delayed soreness of muscles caused by strength training, and improve muscle strength. Recommend high-protein foods: milk, beef, eggs, soy milk, fish, etc.

  Supply sugar appropriately

  In order to achieve a more ideal muscle recovery effect after lifting the barbell, it is recommended to add sugar within half an hour after exercise. Especially glucose and fructose, gastrointestinal digestion can be directly absorbed into the blood. It directly reaches the damaged muscle tissue for repair, and quickly reduces muscle soreness. Recommend high-sugar foods: grapes, sugar cane, bananas, honey water and so on.

  eat alkaline food

  Eat more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products, milk, and animal livers that are rich in protein and vitamins. After these foods are digested and absorbed by the human body, they can quickly reduce blood acidity, neutralize and balance them to weak alkaline, thereby eliminating muscle soreness.

  Vitamin supplement

  Vitamin B and C help to dispose of the metabolites accumulated in the body as soon as possible after exercise. Therefore, after barbell exercise, eating foods rich in vitamin B and C can relieve fatigue and relieve muscle soreness.

  Potassium supplement for relief

  Potassium is an important substance to maintain the body's acid-base balance. Appropriate potassium supplementation can help relieve muscle fatigue and relieve symptoms of muscle soreness. Recommend potassium-containing foods: potatoes, bananas, oranges, orange juice and raisins.

  Replenish moisture in time

  After barbell exercise, metabolism usually increases. In order to speed up the excretion of metabolites from the body, the water lost during exercise must be supplemented in time. It is best to drink active water, because active water contains a lot of oxygen, which can quickly relieve the body's fatigue.