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Where is the main thinner leg of the scissors?

by GuoxinWei on July 05, 2021

  In fitness exercises, scissors legs are a simple and well-known exercise. If a person insists on training scissors legs, there are many benefits to the body. Moreover, scissors legs have very low requirements on the field. As long as there is a suitable place, you can do it at any time. Scissor legs. So, where is the main thinning of the scissor legs? Let's take a look at where the scissor legs are thinner!

  Where are the main scissor legs thin?

  Scissors legs are mainly thin legs, but you need to exercise to see the effect. Because the scissors legs are very simple to do, you can exercise in your free time every day.

  How many scissor legs are effective

  There is actually no strict requirement for the number of scissor legs, but some netizens said that they have to do 100-150 per day to be effective. In addition, if you want to use scissor legs, the most important thing is persistence.

  It will take half a month to do scissors legs, but weight loss does not depend on how much exercise you do, but on how much your body absorbs and releases every day, so a reasonable diet is required. In addition, doing some other exercises will come faster, such as running, abdominal crunching and so on.

  How to make scissor legs

  1. Lie flat on the bed, keep your legs together and upright, then open your legs to both sides (open like scissors), stay for a few seconds and then retract.

  2. When making scissor legs, first lie flat on the bed, bring the two legs together, and then slowly stand up at an angle perpendicular to the body, and then open the two legs to both sides, pay attention to staying for a few seconds after opening, and then Retract your legs and keep them close together, and do 30 reps.