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Why people who love fitness prefer to use VOLTRX electric shaker cup

by GuoxinWei on January 25, 2022


You know, many people drink protein powder every day, shake it before drinking, and use an electric Blender water bottle. Is this a bit too much?

If you are consulting a reliable "protein powder player", you will definitely recommend using a shaker cup. Manufacturers even introduced electric shakers. Generally, special protein shaker cups have up and down swinging springs. This is done for only one purpose: to completely dissolve the protein powder in the water.

Why are ordinary cups not recommended? Most regular cups don't shake the mixture well. Use the lid or spoon to shake the mixture up to a few times. The problem is that protein powder and water are difficult to mix evenly, even granular.

Fearless protein powder enters the human stomach and requires additional water, which may lead to insufficient absorption. That's why advanced fitness drivers recommend protein shakers. Now that the protein powder cans are all purchased, it is not expensive to buy a professional sports shaker bottle.

Finally, it is recommended to wash the protein powder with cold or warm water in the protein shake bottle, because hot water can cause protein denaturation and affect the effective absorption of protein powder. Of course, the amount of water should not be too small, too little will naturally not completely dissolve. Too much water can lead to a bad taste. General protein powder has instructions for use, and it is the most scientific to use it according to the amount.