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Your perfect fitness partner

by GuoxinWei on May 12, 2021

  This is a very easy to use blender bottle with an open cap system. The cap on the bottle keeps the protein shake safe. The liquid can be poured out in large quantities when the top cap is opened. The shaker cups can withstand high heat. The shaker cups comes with a built-in filter that filters out large chunks of the solution. In addition, the shaker bottle comes with a stirring ball that helps stir your solution

  Sturdy construction for better efficacy

  The protein shaker bottle is designed to be made of food-grade plastic to keep the contents safe. The milk water bottle's top seal makes it 100% leak-proof for optimal potency Crack-resistant material protection ensures its long-term use. The lid provides 100% airtight protection and leak-proof protection. This leak-proof seal also provides spill protection during mixing to avoid wasting contents.