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Detailed teaching of exercise bike exercise methods

durch GuoxinWei auf June 10, 2021

  Among the exercise tools, exercise bikes are very useful tools. Of course, the use of exercise bikes is also helpful to people’s bodies, but many people don’t know how to exercise on exercise bikes. In fact, the main thing is to prepare before riding and before riding. Perform the four steps of warm-up, riding posture, and exercise bike riding. So, what is the exercise method of the exercise bike? Let's find out together.

  Be prepared before riding

  1. Wear appropriate clothing

  When riding an exercise bike, wear a loose-fitting sweatshirt. If you wear tight clothes, it is easy to cause abrasion or body aches.

  2. Adjust the seat height

  When adjusting the seat height, pay attention to adjusting the seat height so that the pedal is at the lowest point when riding, and your feet can maintain a slight bend. Only in this way can you avoid restlessness during riding and adjust your sitting posture.

  3. Set the height of the handle

  The height of the handle can be set according to your own habits. When you reach the position, your arms should have room to extend to the sides along the shoulders. You should not twist your body for comfort. go with.

  If you want to watch TV while riding an exercise bike, or if you are prone to backaches, it is best to raise the handles; if you want to increase the amount of exercise, lower the handles appropriately, which is helpful for strengthening the hips.

  4. Adjust the pedal cover

  The adjustment of the pedal cover is suitable for comfort, but it cannot block the blood circulation of the foot. If the stepping of the exercise bike has a cover, it will be more comfortable than without a cover, and the exercise effect is better.

  Warm up before riding

  Before riding an exercise bike, you must first fully warm up, such as stretching your waist, stretching your arms, and exercising your knees and leg muscles. This can help the body's muscles and joints to enter the state of exercise faster.

  Use the correct riding posture

  1. Pedal posture

  When riding an exercise bike, you can’t just use your toes, or it will cause pain in your feet and legs. The correct method is to press down with the front of the foot, use the heel to press down when pushing down, and then lift the pedal up by the upper part of the legs.

  2. Sitting posture

  If you bend over and arch your back during riding, it is easy to cause back and neck pain. Remember that the exercise bike is not a systemic exercise equipment, and do not allow the upper body to participate excessively. The correct posture should be to straighten your chest, drop your shoulders back naturally, and tuck your abdomen in at the same time.

  Four riding methods using exercise bikes

  In the process of riding an exercise bike, there are four riding methods: slow riding, medium speed riding, fast riding, and a combination of fast and slow riding.

  1. Slow riding: During riding, the heart rate does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate, and the riding time lasts for more than 20 minutes, which can burn more fat, which is more suitable for people whose purpose is to reduce fat.

  2. Medium-speed cycling: Medium-speed cycling is to control the heart rate at 65%-85% of the maximum heart rate, which can exercise the cardiopulmonary function and the body's aerobic exercise capacity.

  3. Fast riding: The heart rate can reach 85% of the maximum heart rate. In this process, the body is mainly supplied with energy through the anaerobic glycolysis of glycogen, which can provide the anaerobic exercise capacity of the whole body, especially the thigh muscles.

  4. The combination of fast and slow riding: In addition to taking into account aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, and cardiopulmonary function, it can also increase the fun of exercise. If you can get scientific guidance and adopt a more reasonable combination of speed and slow exercise, you will also achieve better fitness results.

  When exercising on an exercise bike, it is best to alternate the above methods to achieve a better exercise effect.