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Do you want to practice well must take supplements?

durch GuoxinWei auf May 20, 2021


  People who are new to fitness will ask this question. Do you have to take supplements if you want to train well?

  This is a wrong idea, but if the correct use of supplements can make you progress faster and more effective. That is, nutritional supplements are the finishing touch.

  The main common nutritional supplements are protein powder, creatine, BCAA, glutamine, muscle building powder, nitrogen pump.

  These supplements are not some magical baby, supplements are also derived from the food among. It is just the nutrients extracted from the food! Our most common whey protein is extracted from milk! One scoop of protein powder may equal a bucket of milk! High absorption rate and convenience. High nutritional value! Concentrated, pure, unadulterated protein.

  You can still get muscle without supplements. Because you can provide the nutrients that supplements provide through food.

  For example, protein powder mainly provides protein. Protein is found in the beef, dairy and eggs we eat.

  Creatine is found in the foods we eat such as beef and fish.

  Taking supplements does not necessarily mean growing muscle, it must be combined with scientific training and rest.

  Because the absorption and storage of various nutrients in the body is limited, training creates the conditions for muscle growth. Rest is another condition for us to absorb nutrients to repair muscle cells.