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Durable and versatile Voltrx shake bottle mixer

durch GuoxinWei auf May 05, 2021

  Amazon voltrx electric shaker bottle 2 pack is very suitable for a pair of really powerful electric shaker bottles. Each smoothie bottle structure is very strong, but not bulky. They have a good diameter and fit into a car cup holder or backpack water bottle cap, although the latter may be a bit tall.

  Why is 20 ounces so high? Because every smoothie bottle has a screw-in compartment at the bottom. This compartment has two parts-the width of the main part is the same as the width of the smoothie bottle itself, enough to put a few pieces of fruit soaking or a small amount of nuts or other snacks. The lid of this compartment is divided into four compartments, only suitable for tablets or seasoning tablets.

protein shake bottles

  All parts including the vibrating screen ball are made of plastic, but when the powder is mixed with any liquid, they perform very well-there is no lumps or powder adhesion inside the ball. Everything is easy to clean. Gray won't win much in style, but it is still a simple and clean professional design.

  At this price, getting two bottles is both easy to use and versatile. It is definitely worth the money.