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Fitness muscle building period how much protein intake is appropriate? How to intake?

durch GuoxinWei auf May 20, 2021


  Why do fitness people need to consume more protein? Simply put, if you don't get enough protein, the muscle fibers that have been destroyed will not have nutrients that can be repaired, and the muscles will not be generated as you would like! So during the muscle building period, it is important to add enough protein, many people who have just stepped into the ranks of fitness, only exercise, will not eat, practice a long time muscle have no significant effect, so we need to understand the amount of protein intake and how to intake and other issues.

  First, let's look at the main sources of protein and the classification of protein

  In daily life, the main food sources of protein are divided into animal protein and vegetable protein, and the amino acids contained in both are different, which means that their nutritional value also differs. Animal proteins are usually derived from meat, eggs, milk, etc. These proteins also contain many essential amino acids and are easier for people to absorb! Pasta and legumes are the main providers of plant protein, which, although generally not as good as animal protein, is nonetheless a key source of dietary protein for humans. Plant proteins which essential amino acid species, or a variety of low content, plant protein cereal and pasta type content is relatively low, usually best legumes, such as certain dried legumes can be up to roughly 40% protein content, especially soybeans in the legumes most prominent.

  Because the amino acids in the two proteins are not the same, it is best to mix them after our workouts and eat more fish, chicken, eggs, milk, etc., are very good ways to supplement protein.

  Ordinary people, the recommended protein intake of 0.8-1.2g per kg of body weight; sports muscle gainers, the recommended protein intake of 1.2-1.8g per kg of body weight, but taking into account the nature of protein absorption, in the fitness muscle building time, not only by eating to supplement protein is far from enough. (Because to replenish such a large amount of protein, it takes a very large amount of food, and the average person can not eat so much)

  This is when you need some supplements, it is recommended that you train within 30 minutes after the end of the normal diet in addition to get quality protein, and then supplement protein powder about 30g.

  Pay attention to two points

  Don't use water that is too hot to take protein powder, otherwise it will destroy its activity and reduce its effect, generally speaking, warm water of about 40 degrees will do.

  Patients suffering from liver, kidney disease and other serious diseases should be careful, because after eating protein powder, it will increase the burden on the organs.

  So what is the standard daily protein intake?

  You can calculate the total amount of protein you need to consume every day based on the formula for protein intake required by the human body.

  Your body weight (Kg) * protein consumption factor (exercise) = daily required protein intake (g)