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Fitness electric shaker bottle voltrx strategy use experience

durch GuoxinWei auf April 03, 2021

  recently gained weight and became a pig. Husband is worried that I will lose control when I get fat. He forced me to get a fitness card. In order not to waste money, I have to check in every day (he must have noticed this too), but I don't worry about buying clothes or drinking glasses. So I started the career of voltrx protein shaker Haitao. For the first time, I know that this Shaker Bottle is an Amway artifact of many people before, because it contains a ball that can fully stir protein powder, which is loved by many fitness people. In fact, we just wanted to buy an ordinary water cup, but we really liked the texture and capacity of voltrx, so we decided to buy it.

  Iherb’s online shopping method should be the easiest, because the website will have a Chinese version directly, just like shopping on tb. Just choose something and add a shopping cart, everything is fine at checkout, no need to look for transshipment, no need to worry about tax deduction, no need to check express delivery every day. For the first time, Haitao's friend was completely OK. You can choose visa, UnionPay credit card, paypal, there is no obstacle at all.

  Using experience: First of all, I like its texture very much, it is thick and very attractive. There are many colors to choose from with the black and white that my husband bought. I feel that each one is beautiful.

  Secondly, the capacity is okay. Boys can choose a large size. Husband’s Shaker Bottle is 32oz, which is equivalent to 960ml. enough. I chose 22oz, which is totally enough for me, but this one will be fatter than the classic one, so the little fairy with small hands may feel unable to catch it. It is recommended to buy a smaller Classic.

blender bottle shaker

  Third, many babies are worried about the smell of plastic cups, but the voltrx protein shaker really doesn't taste at all. After receiving it, soak it in water overnight.

  Since I bought this Shaker Bottle, I drink twice as much water as usual. I drink it when I go to the gym, haha. It is also very convenient to carry, as long as the lid is closed, it will not leak in the gym bag. Once the lid is not closed, it leaks. Later, when you heard my husband said that you wanted to cover it, you slapped it and never missed it again.

  Because I haven't tried the protein shaker. The biggest function of protein shaker is to shake powder, so I won't evaluate it temporarily. If you like fitness, just buy, buy, and leave a message if you have any questions~