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How to do the best and most effective high leg exercise

durch GuoxinWei auf July 06, 2021

  Speaking of high leg exercise, I believe many people are not unfamiliar, in fact, high leg exercise is a famous exercise, and as long as you find the right position to do high leg exercise, but many people do not know how to do high leg exercise. So, how to do the best and most effective high leg exercise? Here's a look at the high leg exercise!

  How to do the high leg exercise

  1. trotting

  Action requirements: torso straight, shoulders and arms relaxed, lift the heel to maintain a high center of gravity. One leg stretched knee stirrups the ground a leg bent knee swing forward, thigh active down knee joint relaxation calf natural slightly before the lower extension, then the forefoot quickly forward below the ground. The landing should be cumulative and elastic. Arms bent elbows swing back and forth, small steps with a fast frequency, the whole action with a coordinated and coherent.

  2. leg lift running

  Action requirements: torso is straight, maintain a high center of gravity, the size of the legs folded high swing thigh, parallel to the ground, the other fully extended. Then swing the leg thigh down with the forefoot on the ground. Both arms bend elbows to swing back and forth with small steps and fast frequency, the whole action is fast and powerful.

  3. back pedal running

  Action requirements; two feet front and back standing, torso slightly forward. The back leg leads with the knee, the size of the leg folds forward, while the supporting leg stretches fully and sends the hip, the moment the stirrups end, the swing leg thigh actively presses backward, with the forefoot on the ground to turn into the back stirrups, the other leg size of the leg folds forward. Both arms bent elbows swing back and forth, the whole action is fast-paced, the center of gravity fluctuates up and down small, the action is large and powerful.

  Can you do high leg exercises to slim your legs?

  Doing high leg exercises can slim the legs.

  The high leg is a very simple aerobic exercise, it is a small site restrictions, and very convenient, although the high leg is in situ, but the movement is driven by the whole body, especially the thighs, it is easy to trigger fat burning, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the thighs, it is not only good to consume excess fat in the thigh area, but also can help people improve the flexibility and flexibility of the body, which is very Good. By constantly changing and lifting both legs, the exercise promotes blood flow, burns leg fat, tightens leg muscles and beautifies leg lines. But high leg raising and leg slimming is not suitable for everyone, especially for muscular legs.

  The rhythm and pace of the high leg raise is in accordance with the exercise training, step by step, at the beginning also does not require very fast very often, you can divide the action into several groups to carry out, so it is easier to count the amount of exercise, and control the quality of exercise. Through the high leg exercise, you can achieve the purpose of thin legs, but for girls, high leg should not be excessive, only need to do a dozen a day on the line, do too much, thighs are thicker, remember.