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How to give muscle massage after fitness training?

durch GuoxinWei auf September 10, 2021


  Massage is an important tool used by fitness sports trainers to eliminate muscle fatigue and prevent sports injuries. A variety of massage can improve the regulatory function of the nervous system; can make the capillaries in the muscle open more, strengthen the local blood supply and improve nutrition; can improve the process of material metabolism, promote the dissipation of metabolic products (such as lactic acid), so that the muscle relaxation; can also accelerate venous reflux, reduce the burden on the heart and improve the work capacity of the muscle.

  Fitness reminder: muscle soreness after training, I believe that people who have worked out have experienced.

  Hand massage.

  Hand massage is divided into full-body massage and local massage.

  Full-body massage should be done at the end of the fitness training class part or after the class, after the bath and before going to bed. Massage can be applied to the skin before some wine (such as Shuhuo wine, etc.) or oil (such as wintergreen oil, etc.), summer can sprinkle some powder. Specific methods can be used to massage the back, buttocks, legs, chest, abdomen, and then massage the arms, neck and shoulders in a sitting position. Massage should first massage large muscle groups, then massage small muscle groups; after doing a part, then do another part, in order. The overall requirement is that the technique should be lighter, longer, in order to play a calming effect. Each technique is done for 5 minutes, all massage time for 30-50 minutes. Local massage can be carried out in the fitness training process or after the end of fitness training, no more than 15-20 minutes, mainly for the elimination of muscle stiffness and local fatigue. If you can massage in a warm bath after two hours, the effect is better.

  Massage techniques and order are: pushing, kneading, rubbing, pressing, percussion, shaking, patting, etc.. In the specific use of depending on the massage parts. In the muscle parts, it is mainly kneading (about 60% to 70% of the total time), the same light pushing to start, then alternating kneading and heavy pushing, pressing, tapping, shaking and other techniques, and finally end with light pushing and shaking.

  Instrument massage.

  Equipment massage and hand massage compared to the advantages of its strong mechanical, consistent movement power, whether in the field training or after training can be used at any time as needed. But there are many shortcomings, such as mechanical movements simply imitate the human massage technique, only limited to kneading, pounding, rolling, shaking, pressing and other movements.

  Heat application method.

  Hot compress to eliminate local muscle fatigue has a good effect, the effect is more obvious in winter. Can be used directly with water or water bags for hot compresses. The temperature of local hot compress to 47 ~ 48 ℃ is appropriate. In addition, the training before the load on the larger parts of the hot compress 10 minutes, can delay the time of fatigue in training.

  Bathing method.

  Bathing when the body's blood circulation accelerates, the number of capillary openings increases, breathing accelerates, thereby accelerating the rate of removal of metabolic waste, so that muscle relaxation, to achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue. Bathing methods often used are.

  1. hot water shower: bathing should be carried out 30 minutes after training, too early is not conducive to the removal of metabolic waste. Bathing water temperature to 32 ~ 40 ℃ is appropriate, can be soaked in warm water for 5 ~ 15 minutes, and then shower.

  2. tub bath, bath: simple method, the whole body relaxation effect is good. Water temperature to 40 ℃ is appropriate, generally first in warm water bath for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and then shower.

  Sauna bath, steam bath: fitness training after the first shower, and then into the wooden cabin. The temperature of the sauna room is generally 80~90℃. About 10 minutes each time. The human body sweats a lot in the bath, the heartbeat is accelerated, sugar and fat metabolism is accelerated, and the oxygen demand is increased. So after anaerobic training, should rest 30 minutes before entering the bath. After the bath, the whole body is drowsy and relaxed, sometimes the next day the muscles still can not use the force, so the bath time and the number of times should be mastered. If you adjust the training volume next week, you can take a bath 2~3 times in a row after the training on Saturday, so that the body can recover more thoroughly. The advantage of the steam bath is that the burden on the heart of the bathers is small, less oxygen consumption, comfortable, and can also achieve the effect of relaxation of the whole body, recovery, fresh blood, clean skin.