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Introduction to the use of gym steppers

durch GuoxinWei auf June 28, 2021

  Whether in the gym or at home, we will be exposed to a variety of fitness tools. Among them, a stepper is one of them. Of course, if you use a stepper, it also has an effect on the body, but many people don't know what a gym stepper is. use. So, what is the method of using gym steppers? Let's find out together.

  How to use gym stepper

  1. Swing your arms, the higher the arm swing, the greater the intensity;

  2. Squat down with your lower body, don’t let your bent knees exceed your toes, then stand up straight to restore the state of exercise;

  3. Hold the rope tightly and swing up and down;

  4. Grasp the rope tightly, raise one hand above your head, and then raise the other hand above your head as you step, the original hand is lowered to the waist;

  5. Grasp the rope tightly. When one foot is stepping, stretch the corresponding hand to the front and place the other hand to the waist. Then follow the step, stretch the other hand to the front, the original hand Put on the waist;

  6. ​​Grasp the rope tightly and stretch both hands to the side as you step.

  Can a stepper be stepped on every day?

  The stepper can be stepped on whenever you want to exercise, but the editor of friends who usually lack exercise recommends that you don’t be too aggressive the first few times, you can do it every other day, otherwise you will not be able to stand it, and you must remember after you exercise Stretch.

  Stepper is simple and convenient to use, very beautiful and well designed. It's very delicate, it doesn't take up space in the corner, you can watch TV while exercising, which is more practical. After a few steps, the legs will become sore. If you stick to it, you should have a good weight loss effect. The number of steps and calories burned are displayed on the dashboard, which is good. Dongdong is relatively light, and you can put it in the trunk of the car when you go out, and exercise where you want to go.