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Love it. Great mixer electric shaker bottle, Mixes Great!

durch GuoxinWei auf September 10, 2021


  My husband tells me every week how grateful he is for the VOLTRX. He claims it's one of his favorite Thanksgiving gifts because the electric shaker bottle has greatly improved the efficiency of making protein shakes every day. It seems to be a high quality product.

  He used to use the shaker bottle and it always had hard lumps. Since using the VOLTRX there are no more clumps. If the protein rises to the top, just press the button and the best electric shaker bottle will mix again. I really like it too. Definitely a good investment.

  I love this light, especially when I spin some blue drink mixes. The voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is equally good at mixing drinks or my peanut butter cookie protein powder. No lumps.