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My favorite electric shaker bottle. Improved!

durch GuoxinWei auf June 02, 2021

  This is my third classic protein shaker electric. I lasted for a year or so for the first two times, and finally failed. First of all, I was a bit rough and the bottom seam was cracked. The second one cracked on the nozzle.

  And these two problems have been solved in the second-generation Classic bottle. Companies that listen to feedback and make improvements will love it.

  Anyway, the 28-ounce Classic bottle has always been my favorite in terms of size, function, and price. It is very suitable for the center console of my car and has a leak-proof function. The new design with a round bottom and protective edges seems to be the perfect choice to prevent catastrophic failures in the future.

  I was looking for an electric paint shaker with a steel wire tennis ball. I am very happy to find a bottle of various colors. I can choose the size of the bottle I want, if I want a newer model, and the color of the bottle I mentioned earlier. I like the color I bought, and I want to buy other colors so that I don’t have to worry about bringing a clean shaker on the trip.