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My third electric shaker bottle, I still like it

durch GuoxinWei auf July 08, 2021

  I like this small protein shaker bottle! I use it every day for a week or so. It’s great. The number of compartments is amazing and it provides enough space for me to mix in the bottom compartment. I definitely want to take out the compartment in the protein shaker so that there is enough room for anything I use to stir, so this will be my only wish. Otherwise, it is super easy to clean the Shaker Bottle, it is tightly closed and does not leak water, even if it is thrown into the bag to work. I have used similar products before, but none of them are well-made or leak-proof. highly recommended.

  In the past few years, I have drunk three blender bottles. The protein shake blender itself is the best size for me (I don't make a big milkshake, I only drink a scoop or two of protein and water/coconut milk). The container attached to the bottom is 1000%, which is why I continue to buy these. I use so much that I wear them out. They can combine a scoop of perfect powder into one, and the smaller scoop is for me to use before exercise or snacking. The glass shaker bottle is sealed and will not overflow (trust me, I keep throwing it in my gym bag).