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Pectoralis major muscle freehand training action illustration book

durch GuoxinWei auf June 21, 2021

  How to train the pectoralis major muscle, in fact, there are many training movements, while in these training movements, some movements are unarmed training, some movements are equipment training, what is the pectoralis major muscle unarmed training movements, I believe there are still people who know. So, what are the unarmed training movements of the pectoralis major muscle? Here's a look at what training actions!

  1. standard push-ups

  First of all, the first freehand exercise action is familiar to everyone, this exercise action can be very effective exercise to your pectoralis major muscle. We should pay attention to the standard of action when practicing.

  Before starting the posture we have to chest and abdomen, not hunched over, arms upright support your body, the body is and feet in a straight line posture. Hands are shoulder-width apart, do not open too much, practice elbows as close as possible to their bodies, the speed of the exercise is not too fast.

  2. knee push-ups

  The second exercise action we have to let the knees on the ground, and then the feet are crossed in the air, your thighs are in a straight line with your body, practice the hands open angle is also the same width as the shoulders, exercise the elbows should also be close to the body.

  Exercise to adjust their attention to focus on the chest, so that you can better feel the force of the chest.

  3. wide distance push-ups

  The third exercise movement we practice when the arms open slightly wider than the shoulders, palms open in the direction of the outward, the body's posture the same, feet and body to maintain a straight posture.

  Prone down to let the arms and the ground parallel to get up again, so that you can do the most accurate exercise movements, exercise time to pay attention to feel their pectoralis major tight feeling, exercise speed not too fast, grasp the rhythm of exercise.

  4. upward inclined push-ups

  This action in the exercise you can support a table or bench, so that their body posture is oblique state, hands supported on the bench or table, the support distance and your shoulder width, toes supported on the ground, the root of the foot is raised.

  When exercising let your chest approach the table or bench, you can stay slightly for a few seconds to let your chest feel a deeper stimulation effect, then get up.