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voltrx protein shaker bottle

durch GuoxinWei auf March 21, 2021

  Those who like to drink protein powder, but ordinary cups cannot shake the protein powder evenly, and the absorption is not good if it is uneven. The voltrx protein shaker bottle can solve this problem.

  Voltrx protein shaker bottle, Black, today this electric shaker bottle is a hot gym selfie must-have. It is not only a professional fitness protein powder shaker, but also a fashionable sports bottle. 100% does not contain bisphenol A, does not contain plasticizer, health and safety are guaranteed.

  patented Cyclone mixing and shaking technology, you can fully shake the most difficult powder and liquid without any effort, and the taste will be easier to eat. The fashionable color matching is the most important reason for his fire.

  At present, this is not only a large-capacity sports bottle, but also a professional Shaker Bottle. If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools. Children who have ideas about sports and body shaping can start.