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The perfect combination of shaker bottles

durch GuoxinWei auf May 16, 2021


  I always do my research before buying a protein bottle. I like the shape of the bottle design, which means I don't need to shake a ball or stirrer. The design of the bottle really lends itself to mixing without the need for a ball or stirrer, so I like that. The spout of the mixing bottle is leak free. Nice design concept, but this bottle design needs some work. If you are looking for something leak proof, then get this voltrx bottle.

  This protein shaker has no other odor, does not leak when you add water, and is easy to clean and dissolve powders. I usually keep one in my backpack. At first I thought he wouldn't mix my protein powder well with some other supplements, but after using it I found that wasn't the case, so I love this shake mixer bottle.