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This is a very useful protein mixer electric, worth buying

durch GuoxinWei auf August 19, 2021

  This protein cup mixer left a deep impression on me. Work as described and mix the powder to perfection. If you watch the video, it will show that they add water first, then add powder, without cover. I found that when I did this, the vortex actually produced a slight mist and a small spray of water on my work surface. You can solve this problem by putting your hands on it while rotating, or put the lid on immediately after adding the powder. I won't let it continue to stir without the lid, your countertop will be messy. This is a great product, the electric bottle shaker can do its job, I am very satisfied with it!

  I got this because I was tired of the things left on the milkshake (protein). I doubt it, but it works. It can slow down the mixer based on how much powder you put in, but it still works. It is not a big mixer bottles for protein shakes, so you cannot put the recommended three spoons on the big bag.

  What is suitable for (I use a large spoon, which can hold about 1/3 of the cup), stir well.

  I not only use the electric shaker bottle to make milkshakes, but I also use it to make tea, instant coffee (cold) and almost everything. Now it's my turn to have a drink. It is battery-powered, and I use Amazon rechargeable batteries. It is easy to clean. Fill it with water and soap and leave it on for one minute. It does a great job.

  There is nothing to say about these protein bottles shakers. It does a very good job of complete mixing. It is much better than my spoon. It makes my milkshakes easier to drink. I don't need to eat or drink anymore. This is exactly what I was looking for.