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This portable electric shaker is black technology

durch GuoxinWei auf October 20, 2021


  I took electric shaker cup to work for lunch. I can't leave home without it. This vortex protein shaker is new, so I decided to try it. Some complaints are about charging problems and Cup loss of power. Now, if the battery is dead, surprisingly, the cup will power off, just as your phone screen will darken when the battery is in Fritz state to save power. I didn't have a charging problem. I make sure to do this before the battery runs out. Whenever I do this, we will restore full power! If the best electric shaker cup loses a little charm, it's no big deal, because the cup can still work.

  Electric Protein Shaker cup does leave a very small amount of residue on the side of the powder. Personally, I don't think this is a big problem. The instructions are simple, make sure you follow the instructions for your electric mixer bottle. Also know that this cup is not a blender.

  No matter how many times I shake the glass with a wire stirring ball, there are still lumps in my drink. The only thing I notice is that you have to make sure your drink is not thick or makes it difficult. I began to use a pure protein. When the portable blender bottle was mixed with the recommended amount of water, the electric blender water bottle seemed to slow down because the drink would thicken too much because of the power of the electric blender bottle. I added a little water and started working again.

  The best electric mixer bottle can mix some charm. If you mix without covering, Electric blender water bottles do emit a mist. This is my preference, because I like to add protein powder slowly to avoid caking again.

  Most of the proteins I use mix so strongly that the water line rises sharply. If you put everything down and cover it and mix it, it's not a big problem. This eliminates almost all lumps and provides a smooth texture.

  Powerful motors sometimes cause confusion. Be careful when adding powder to the cyclone. There may be splashes and spills, but I like challenges! ha-ha. No more shaking. Press the button and watch the water electric mixer bottle run! Buy one yourself.