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Voltrx electric shaker has been used for a long time and it feels very easy to use

durch GuoxinWei auf June 07, 2021

  Use this electric protein shaker bottle to make protein and fattening milkshakes. In the end, I had to replace one of the two that I had used for nearly 10 years because of its cracked lid. Top dishwasher safety is always a good thing. Love these!

  I can't tell how self-righteous I was when I wanted to sleep, and it didn't spill out, just like there is a baby straw cup. I like electric shaker bottle. I brought it to lose weight. He wants a $20 cup that can shake and mix products. If they, I brought two

  I used to stir all my electric shakers with a spoon. When you do this, no matter how hard or how long you mix, you will end up with small pieces that cannot be completely dissolved. Just like that, I shook it for about 30 seconds, everything was perfectly mixed together, there were no big lumps! I now drink protein shakes for breakfast every morning! Cleaning is also very simple, add some soap and water, and shake it well!