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Voltrx shake bottle mixer did not disappoint me, it really works well

durch GuoxinWei auf June 21, 2021

  The voltrx protein shaker seals well and keeps the lid in place. I don't worry about it leaking into my lunch bag. This little prolixx vortex mixer makes quick work of the whey powder I pour into my soy milk (too bad. I mean that in a good way). Boring color. In other words AUTOMATIC protein mixer: perfect.

  Remember Nesquik when you were a kid? Sometimes you were glad for the chocolate explosion of pure powder, but there's nothing worse than enjoying a protein shake and amazing protein powder that dries out in your mouth.

  I've heard a lot of good things about rechargeable mixer cups from friends, and I have to say they're not wrong. It's tempting to buy a fake brand to save a few bucks, but it's totally reasonable for the price point. The ball works great, the material is easy to clean in the sink (important for college), and the voltrx protein shaker motor small hooks are perfect for backpacking. There will be no more sad surprises.