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When is the best time to exercise before bed

durch GuoxinWei auf May 13, 2021


  Now many people like to do some exercise before going to bed, one is to think that exercise before going to bed can help us lose weight, and another reason is that exercise before going to bed can help us sleep. But the bedtime exercise can't be done too late and can't be done too early. So do you know when the best time to exercise before bed is?

  The best time to exercise in the evening is two hours after dinner to bedtime, once more than ten o'clock and then exercise, it is easy to make the brain in an excited state, resulting in missing the best time to sleep, it is easy to insomnia. Exercise is not recommended within half an hour after meals, while maintaining a moderate amount of exercise to avoid fatigue caused by too much exercise, which in turn affects sleep at night. Exercise will not immediately blowing air conditioning and cold showers, immediately after exercise blowing air conditioning is prone to cold, headache, joint pain and other symptoms.

  When is the best time to exercise?

  Many people do not know whether it is better to exercise in the morning or in the evening. In fact, you should choose the right time when exercising so as to promote good health. For hypertensive patients, blood pressure is more likely to rise between six and ten o'clock in the morning, at this time exercise is easy to increase the burden on the body, in the peak value of blood pressure blindly into the exercise, it is possible that blood pressure fluctuations, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition. Therefore, people with poorly controlled blood pressure and a tendency to rise better not to exercise in the morning, you can choose to exercise in the evening to promote health, while stabilizing blood pressure, so as to reap the benefits of exercise.

  If there is no disease affecting your health, exercise in the morning as well as in the evening can promote health, when exercising in the morning you need to do a good job of keeping warm, according to the temperature change appropriate increase or decrease clothing to avoid getting cold, while paying attention to the intensity of exercise, generally in the morning just wake up is not recommended to carry out too high intensity exercise. This can avoid sweating after feeling uncomfortable, in the evening exercise is helpful for weight loss, can be put into exercise in the free time, accelerate the body fat material burning, while promoting the whole body blood circulation, receive the benefits are more obvious.