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Why doesn't VOLTRX plastic shaker bottle stink when used for fitness exercises?

durch GuoxinWei auf January 18, 2022

For those who like to exercise, a large-capacity water bottle is a must. For many bodybuilders who want to build muscle, they often make protein powder and muscle powder in a water glass. In fact, ordinary cups cannot meet their needs. Therefore, many fitness people have special water cups, that is, electric shakers.

The biggest difference between the bodybuilder's vortex stirring bottle and the ordinary water cup is that a spring device that can swing up and down is installed in the stirring and shaking bottle. The main function of this spring device is to make protein powder and bodybuilding powder dissolve in water better and faster for bodybuilders to eat.

However, if you use an ordinary water cup, it often takes a lot of time and energy to quickly dissolve protein powder and muscle building powder, and protein powder cannot be dissolved well, resulting in the graininess of protein powder when used. After being ingested into the human body, bodybuilders cannot fully absorb it, which is the main reason why many bodybuilders choose the convenient and fast electric mixing bottle. Many bodybuilders' bottles stink after a while. why?

protein shake shaker

If fitness workers only use electric protein shakers to drink water, I believe that no matter how long they use it, they will not stink. In fact, the reason why the electric stirring shaker smells is related to protein powder. And protein powder and fortified powder contain a lot of protein powder, which can become rancid and smelly over time, especially in the humid and muggy environment of the electric mixer.

For example, many bodybuilders tend to use batteries haphazardly. After drinking the protein powder, they just rinse with water and leave the cup there. However, a large amount of protein powder will remain in the corners of the electric shaker. Over time, the protein shake bottle will rot and stink, and this phenomenon will gradually increase, and finally the electric protein shake bottle will not be used.

How to solve the problem that the electric mixer shakes the bottle and stinks?

In fact, the easiest and most effective way is to wash the cup after shaking the bottle with a blender. On closer inspection, you'll find that there's a lot of protein powder residue mixed in near the threads of the shaker. Over time, you'll know where to focus on washing.

The most correct way to rinse an electric shaker is to remove the cap of the protein shaker, then put water and detergent into the shaker and press the button. this is very simple. In addition, the electric stirring vibrating screen must be cleaned in time. Best not to stay overnight.